Friday, September 14, 2012

Asher's 2nd birthday

Happy 2nd birthday little Ashy!  Asher loves Elmo so we decided a Sesame street birthday was fitting.  He loved playing games and opening presents, but if you know Asher you'd know his favorite part was eating the cake.  He has grown up into such a sweet silly little boy.  He's talking a lot and is keeping up and holding his own with his older siblings quite well.  Along with the territory of the terrible two's he's already discovered that "no" is his favorite word in his vocabulary.  I can't believe my baby has grown into a little boy but lucky for me he still hasn't lost his adorable and irresistibly kissable cheeks.  Happy Birthday big boy!
 His Sesame street cake
 Asher playing "Cookie monster's cookie toss".
Caden's turn

 Elmo playing "Pin the nose on Elmo".  Asher thought Elmo needed a belly button rather than a nose.

 Tea reluctantly playing the game (why can't she just be cooperative).
 Our dirty little birthday boy.
 Asher was so excited about his presents.
 Riding his new Thomas tricycle.
 Caden decided the dogs needed to be part of the party too.  Poor Leila.
 Keelah is always such a good sport.

 Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar and Big bird cupcakes.

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